Nice write up, Nick, even though I disliked the terminology:-), but that's another topic for another post. TROP is indeed problematic. While I do not have a better proposal, I do have some direction of thought. In your previous post we discussed that subdomains reflect some structural organization of a particular area of human activity we decided to automate (the latter is what I would call "domain"). You rightfully suggested to call this structural organization a "landscape" presumably portraying this idea from Wardley Maps. We even agreed to look at dynamic aspects and to call it "climate". By making one step further (SW did not do this, but we could) we may include into consideration population(s) inhabiting this landscape and adapting themselves to its characteristic climate. If you will, we may call this part of research "domain ethnography": how many "ethnics" and "sub-ethnics" there are? Do they cooperate or not so much? Etc. Domain ethnography is by no means a better term than TROP, but hopefully points towards direction of more systematic thinking.

Software technologist/architect; connecting dots across multiple disciplines; C-level mentoring

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